Processed with VSCO with c2 presetI was lucky enough to go to oh so very special Pink Soda Sport x House of Voga event the other weekend in London.

The event was held on a dead nice rooftop in Angel, overlooking the rest of London.

You might be thinking, ermmm I know what yoga is but not Voga. Well VOGA is a fusion of Yoga and Voguing, Fitness and Fashion. Basically it is SASSY AS HELL.

The VOGA instructor was incredible, she was so upbeat and just amazing through out. She came along with the VOGA DJ for the class, she played a mix of the disco classics and obviously some Madonna in there too!

The other girls who attended were all fashion and fitness influencers, we all got on like a house on fire and supported each other when our coordination wasn’t the best!

Everyone was kitted out in the latest Pink Soda Sport collection which ya’ll can check out here

I would recommend a fitness class like this when you might feel a little bored with your usual legs,bums and tums class at the gym. Totally revitalises you and its ace as its GIRLPOWER!




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