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I was invited down to Nikes latest grueling fitness event in London and boy did I nearly die.

Unlimited You is described as an immersive, multi-sensory workout and was only around for three days. It is a high-intensity training experience and features gorge lighting installations designed by Artisan. The classes you can get involved in are either Barry’s Bootcamp or boxing studio Kobox
Nike also had a bespoke soundtrack composed by Hot Chip,  performed by a live orchestra – proper amazing right?!

I arrived at the Trumans Brewery on Bricklane not quite knowing what to expect really. I knew it was probably going to get a little sweaty, no doubt a tad intense but nothing could have braced me for what was ahead.

Outside the entrance (a teeny tiny door) stood two mean looking bouncers checking off names of guests. Once inside, I was led up a very dark staircase into an even darker room with all the other guests in all their Nike fitness gear.  Huge Nike florescent signs brightened the room up a little and everyone seemed in good spirits. I was told to go to the front to grab my box, where I would change into a pair of trainers specifically for my first workout.

My first workout was with Barrys Bootcamp – I was sooo happy as I have been following them for a while and wanted to go to one of their classes since forever. They specialize in serious HIIT classes and are known for their tough but fun approach to fitness.

We spent 30 minutes of very tough intervals of HIIT on a treadmill. I usually hate using a treadmill, they bore me to death and I get off within about a minute, however this was great as I didn’t have time to get bored. It was constant moving and thinking, turning up your incline, sprinting as fast as you can, then slowing right down, then doing the same over again – I wanted to throw up by the end (in a good way)

During the class, the Barry’s boys were going around high fiving everyone – cheers mate but I can barely lift my hand up. It was a super high energy class to be apart of though and after, I felt so impressed with myself that I didn’t stop.  I literally could feel the heat coming of my body, this is why I love classes as I would never achieve this if left to my own devices.

We had a 10 minute rest, a trainer change and then onto round two, the ‘surprise’ as the trainers said. It was spectacular, we was led into Nikes Training Club and greeted by the amazing live Orchestra in the middle of the room playing upbeat tracks by Hot Chip. Our group was stood in a huge line and opposite were the other group on treadmills. We then went through rounds of HIIT, dance, yoga and body weights with our Nike trainer (who was incredible by the way)

At the end of the workouts, we were given food tokens and picked from pancakes from Pip and Nut, protein shakes from Barrys bar and a choice of healthy yummy salads, eating them on the rooftop. By the end, I was honestly dead haha. I was ready to stuff my face with food and lay down for a little while. I also needed a shower (as you can imagine) I did have to get on the train back to Manchester with hair stuck to my head and sweaty blotchy makeup haha. Lets not mention my body odour -_-

Overall this was such an incredible experience, I was pushed to my limits and I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well I can push myself.

Nike – you did well!



Unlimited You

Nike Unlimited You

Nike Unlimited YouNike Unlimited You

Nike Unlimited YouNike Unlimited You

nike londonNike Unlimited You


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