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I went down to London the other day to attend the Look magazine ‘Insight from Influence’ breakfast talk.

It was a dead early start, I had to get up at the crack of dawn (4.30AM train!) Its basically still night time let be honest sooo I was well tired when I got there.

I arrived at Euston and I tried to get an Uber to the venue, I had 2 cancel on me. Its so difficult to get an Uber around London due to all the one way roads and just dam business, so I decided to hop on the old trusty (sweaty and busy) tube  – erugh. I lived in London for 4 years and at the time, I honestly loved it, however, I could not imagine sweating my ass off stuck to the tube doors like a sardine every morning at rush hour haha.

Anyhow, enough moaning from me. The talk  was a panel of 4 big time influencers – Megan Ellaby, Deliciously Ella, Rosie Fortescue and James Duigan.

It started with a breakfast, although it wasn’t very blogger breakfasty. White finger bacon sandwiches, I couldn’t find any veggie ones (strange) I expected fancy granola or at least a banana ( I love nar ners)  It felt kinda awkward at first as it was mainly girls, you can image all of them eyeing each other up – girls will be girls though,  I suppose.

I was then told to go into the room where the talk would start with Ella and James. I found this pretty insightful, how it all started for them and their individual journeys. They discussed how they got into social media. Ella explained how she used to have a slight eating disorder and after battling the illness, she started up her Instagram to show other people how to live healthy and feel body confident about themselves. If you google her, you can pretty much see endless articles on how her blog helps with wellness and eating right for younger girls who are easily influenced by the media like herself a few years back. She believes she uses her Instagram as a way of promoting her beliefs and wouldn’t post out anything she doesn’t agree with for business purpose.

I really enjoyed James’s talk, its always quite interesting to get a males point of view on how the industry regards body image and the role social media plays in making it young girls life’s. He explained he has a young daughter, so its vital for him to promote a healthy and nutritious lifestyle.

Next up was Rosie from Made In Chels – (we were told that Megan Ellaby was stuck in traffic and wouldn’t be attending)

She started with how she started in MIC, she said she saw this of a way of getting a background and to gain followers behind her blog and that helped her kick start her fashion career. She now has a column in look magazine on everything fashion and will only work with brands and products that she believes is truly a good high quality product to promote people investing in. She said she would not ever promote anything she didn’t feel wasn’t right to promote for people, for business purpose (like Ella mills).  She thinks that all bloggers and affiliates should be true to themselves and only promote products they actually believe in

Overall, it was good to go and listen to what they thought about the industry and their personal journeys, it was abit of a bummer that Meggy didn’t turn up!

Thanks to the Look team for the hook up and sorry about the lack of snaps.


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