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If you have been reading bits and bobs on my blog, you may have noticed me mentioning how I don’t really eat meat, well I have finally decided to go veggie! I have been dipping in and out for years but the last straw was watching Cowspiracy. Man, this really felt like someone had poured freezing cold water all over me whilst I was naked in the snow or something – a huge wake up call. I couldn’t believe what we have and are still continuing to put our planet through! I wont ramble on about facts an figures, I do encourage everyone to educate themselves on this though and watch it!

Anyhow, my last meat meal was a few days earlier, which I realised that I didn’t even enjoy meat was when I had a bite or a burger and nearly threw up! I couldn’t even try the chicken kebabs!

I honestly already feel a little lighter, I am going to start a dairy free few weeks from tomorrow too and see how I get on. I already don’t drink milk and replace with almond milk but cheese is a bugger for me! I love it. I have recently tried the Violife vegan cheese which was pretty good actually.

There are so many replacements out there that taste just as good, I don’t see why we need to eat meat anymore. I know that being vegetarian isn’t good enough though and to make any changes to help this planet we take advantage off, we need to not consume any animal products. This will be something I will commit to soon, I just want my body to get used to being a veggie first 🙂

If anybody is thinking of going vegan/veggie, you can find a review here of a really great vegan restaurant menu I visited to get you started.


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