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Hey HAPPY SATURDAY you lovely bunch!

So I recently was hugely inspired to begin this journey of mindfulness and meditation, I thought I would share it with you guys.

It stemmed from a few things, feeling too consumed by my own thoughts, watching vlogs from this amazing vlogger  wilddaze and thinking back to when I lived in Barcelona. I had a lot of spare time on my hands and started to read about Buddhism and spirituality but once returning to the UK and getting back into the daily grind, I kind of left it behind. Now I want to share with ya’ll about my own personal growth and experience and how I am going about this new journey.

Firstly, let me (try) in my own words explain what I feel like being mindful is.To me it is living in the moment, focusing on whatever it is you are doing right then and there and being totally aware of it. Even if that is making a right nice cuppa tea, being aware of how that tea smells, looks and tastes, everything, thinking about nothing else than what you are doing right then are there.

For me it is being aware of the smallest things that physically we are doing but mentally are not giving any thought. How many of you have drove to somewhere and you cant remember how you got there? I do this ALL the time!  We don’t give any thought to the most simple tasks as our minds are usually preoccupied with other thoughts of either the future or the past.

Personally its usually me planning future events, worrying about the past etc, honestly my mind races at a million miles, so I need it to SHUT IT THE HELL UP sometimes!

But how you may ask. Here are 5 simple steps I use throughout your day to help me achieve mindfulness.

  1. Waking up – practise gratitude, say thanks for waking up today -cheesy as hell but hey it works, thank me later 🙂
  2. Morning – if you are walking to work, how does air smell and feel against your face? What sound do your feet making when they step on the floor? Are their birds? listen to the sounds around you carefully.
  3. Drinking a cup of coffee/tea, how does it look and smell? When you drink it, how does it taste and feel in your mouth?
  4. Follow your breath, listen to your breath and count as you breath in and out, only focus on this, if your mind wanders, simple say – ok I see you, but goodbye for now my friend
  5. Keep it short – studies show that we react better with short burst of mindfulness

One more tip for the road – I set at reminder at work which reminds me to be mindful during the day so I don’t get lost in amount of work.

I will do another post on meditation and my morning routine soon I think.

Honestly this is really helps if you ever experiencing any anxiety or if you feel a little down, try it, see how you get on.

Start your day right, you wont regret it!

I hope ya’ll have a top weekend.

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