Ah Southport, it was so good to be near the beach again (even if it was freeeeezing)

I haven’t been here since I was like 5 and I remember my dad zipping up my favourite bright red coat too fast and catching my chin and me crying my eyes out for like 2 hours. The clutz!

I also have a vague memory of being on them rides with the little gee gee’s as happy as Larry, candy floss in hand without a care in ze world.

How carefree we all are at that age right? The last time I truly felt carefree was traveling with just myself to look after, you can read more about that here  but its super apparent to me that this feeling is what we need to feel often, as its too easy to get sucked into the crazy hectic lives we lead. How hard is it to feel balanced and calm in this whacked out, technology driven, ever-changing world and how the hell do we achieve that balance in our everyday working life?

Being in such a calm setting here, well it made me think that to achieve this we need one key factor – Simplicity.

Go back to your roots as that kid running around without a care in the world, what was it that made you feel so free?

Here are my keys to a calmer mind:


In all her greatness and solitude mother nature herself has always had the power to grip me and bring me back down to earth and realise that things are ok and if they aren’t .. well.. they will be..  eventually.


Moving myself and stretching my joints and muscles is so important to me, healthy body healthy mind as they say. Even if its just an hour of yoga a week or a 30 min boxing class, get up and go. Be creative with your chosen exercise style. I hate cardio but I love lifting weights, it makes me feel strong. Choose what makes you feel good and get creative with it and you will love it. Do not ( I repear —- DO NOT) spend hours doing shitty exercise you hate because you think its what you should be doing.


I am always trying to expand my knowledge on issues or subjects that interest me. We have so much information available to us now so really use this to feel inspired on a daily basis. I am reading a book a the moment called – The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment by  Eckhart Tolle. It is such an interesting read and take on life, it makes your mind think out of the box.


How great does it feel when you meet a new person for the first time and you both just click and have so much in common? This happened to me recently with a fellow blogger       (S/O to Fran you mega babe)  and after our 2 hour long coffee break, I felt so good as I felt like I had connected with that person as we had similar interests and outlook on life. I realised that for me, connecting with like minded people is so key for me to feel happy. Put yourself out there, go to meet up groups where you are bound to meet people you connect with.


I am not saying you need to sit there on a cushion with candles lit eyes closed, although its so important to have some times for yourself.  Spend some time alone, finding out what makes you evolve and grow. Mindfulness can really help with this and aids you to become more balanced and still in your thinking and approach to life. Learn to love being with yourself because after all, we have to be with ourselves for a helluva long time dont weeee.

So there we have it kidders, a few simple steps to keep myself balanced. I would loveee to hear some of yours? Lets all share share and share some more <3

Loadsa loves



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