I had such a relaxing day today – just how every Sunday should be spent, I LIVE for lazy Sundays guys..

Lemme tell you beauties about me day then. I had a pretty early start as I headed out at 9am to go to a spa appointment. I am not really a spa kinda gal, I feel abit strange when I think of someone I don’t know touching me haha – just call me uptight Jessie. I had my first hot stone massage and I really did not now to expect – like will they be really big stones, small stones, how hot they gonna bloody be???? Anyway it was actually really relaxing and I think it helped them stubborn stress knots a little . Massages do kind of hurt though don’t they? I kept thinking to myself, I am paying this woman to give me pain, it better be worth it. Although I do have the pain threshold of a pea..

After the spa, I headed into Altrincham to the markets as I have never been before, they have some really cute vintage stuff that I love and some amazing coffee shops are around there. I am honestly such a coffee addict, I love everything about it – the smell when its brewing, the taste, the pure uplifting feeling after you have had a few sips. My coffee of choice is usually a soya flat white, however as coffee which isn’t organic has loads of pesticides in it, I try to always buy organic -and of course fair trade πŸ™‚

Anyhow today I tried (wait for it)… the worlds FIRST.. colourless coffee! Β I am so impressed with the ingredients list and this is what initially drew me to try it! It simply containsΒ 2 things: freshly roasted high quality Arabica coffee beans and pure water. No preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilisers or sweeteners of any kind. My kind of coffee, simple – just the way god intended.

So lets talk about taste –Clear Coffee reminds of a really strong cold brew which will certainly put a spring in your step lemme tell ya! Its really lovely mixed with a little milk too. I think it will also be tastyΒ as a morning smoothie mixed with almond milk, banana, oats and a sprinkle of cinnamon (obvs coz everything is better with a lil cinnamon)


What do you guys think of colourless coffee? Has anyone tried it before?

Its Monday tomorrow… ugh Mondays, I wish you all a great week.


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