I am currently trying to make the transition to natural skincare as I believe natural is the way forward when it comes to my skin. Its so delicate that we really need to treat it with the best ingredients and what better than those that come straight from nature itself.

Over the last year or so, I have started to be a heck of a lot more conscious of what I am putting on to my skin. I have been on a journey to try and use more organic natural skincare with no nasties (sulfates, parabens etc ). I have always had an interest in skincare after studying makeup artistry & beauty therapy at college. Unfortunately though, after years of practicing on each other at college, taking makeup off to put it all back on it started to break me out BAD!

Obviously when you have an issue that really freaks you out.. you naturally start to look for solutions. This is where my interest grew and I started to take notice of what you should and shouldn’t be using on your skin. It has calmed down so much over the years but then flared up again over the past couple of years which resulted in me frantically searching for solutions AGAIN.

I started to switch to natural oils for the body – coconut& almond oil is great for EVERYTHING, instead of body creams with fragrance in. Then I started to try them  on my face at night time, which has really helped and my skin has literally cleared up so much. However I am left with some really annoying stubborn scars that are even more annoying than the spots themselves as they are so much harder to get rid of! DAM YOU SCARS.

I wanted to show you beauties what I am currently using on my skin and what products I find super lovely and gentle on my skin.

Pure Potions sent me these gorgeous products to try on my skin and they are super gentle and calming. These guys are awesome – they only uses ingredients which are organic where possible and are always 100% natural. They do not use fragrances and perfumes, or any other artificial additives that involve preservatives or petrochemicals. This is music to my ears, other brands should take notice as them nasties shouldn’t be in any skincare ..ever!

Organic Rosehip Oil for scars  – This smells heavenly! I use this every night on a bare face and gently rub into my scars. Every morning I wake up with my skin glowing. Really helps with dehydrated skin too!  The oil is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and the essential fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. YUM

Skin Salvation Moisturising Ointment  – Ok so this is really good for patchy dry areas. I have a little on my chin at the moment and its helped it alot! Really good for people with dry, itchy skin or eczema. It also has one of my fav ingrediants in there – Hemp seed oil. Super moisturizing.

Tea Tree Rescue Lip Balm – I use this so much, I constantly have lip balm on my smackers as I get super dry lips if not and this is perfect. I hate slimy oily lip balms that stick to your hair if its windy and this doesn’t stick one bit. Also good to use as an all-purpose ointment.

Bath & Body Oil – This is my favorite I think. Its so lovely as a body Moisturiser and really keeps your skin soft and supple whilst giving a gorgeous sheen. I use it in my bath too. I use it to take my makeup off with a hot cloth at night instead of a harsh facial wash.

So there you have it – my current skincare routine.

If you are having skin problems, I urge you to make the switch, at least for a couple of months to see if it helps.

My recommendations for clearer skin:

  • Go natural – try natural products for a couple of months to see if it helps
  • Don’t layer too many products on top of each other -let your skin get used to a product at a time
  • Let your skin breathe – try and have at least one day a week without makeup
  • Dont touch your face too much – so many germs are hiding – YUK
  • Take your makeup off lovelies! Cant stress this enough

Never forget that you are beautiful regardless of any products you use, inside and out <3

Have you ever had skin issues? Do you use natural skincare already? Do you like the sound of these products? What’s your skin like? What are your fav products? I’d love to know!








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