I love this look I shot the other day it is the perfect casual denim style that I love so much. Perfect for spring/summer, also I live in jeans too and thee AG Jeans ones are super on-trend.

Ah the days are getting longer lighter too, what is it about the sunshine that makes usย feel alive. I am a way nicer, friendlier bouncier person when the sun is out and is shining on my face.

Well this day the sun was out in full force and I was shooting with AG Jeans with the talented Ronnyย in Manchester city centre. The two tone blue jeans are my favs right now. Anyone that knows me will tell you I live in jeans, slouchy high waisted ones just go with everything and I know I will be wearing these two pairs for months to come. Good quality denim is super hard to come by these days seriously. I also love this stripe shirt from AG too, the material is super comfy and a shirt with jeans I love as it gives that laid back style.

Anyhow this day we wandered around, stopping for coffee in my fav coffee shop – Fig & Sparrow then continued shooting amongst the crowds in the streets. People naturally always stare when you do this haha. When I first starting shooting I always would feel super silly and embarrassed but now luckily I just go with it and smile at all the starers. I also have just started to vlog too so thats always a little strange talking into the camera, people genuinely think you are crackers. Need to work on a more sneaky way of doing it… any ideas?

I wish you all a lovely start to the week

Have you all been enjoying the sunshine? What do you think of the jeans? Whats your fav item of clothing RN?



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