I am slowly realising how important it is to love and treat yourself kindly and most of all be forgiving to yourself.

I think it happens to each and every one of us but now and again life will seem to slow down and get a little ummm. stagnant, a little boring and seen as im the most unpaitent person ever this seriously frustrates me. I  mean CMON JUST GIVE ME ALL MY DREAMS RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW THANKS. Ah but life dosent quite turn out like that does it? At the moment too I seem to be going through a stage where I am just doing doing doing but not really taking a minute to look around and appreciate what I am actually doing. Or even to celebrate any of my achievements- big or small.

I have a full time job at the minute whilst running my blog. Which I know so many people are doing this right now and my god I respect all the gals who are doing this as its bloody hard work! I am super conscious of only putting the best content I can out there. I see every post as a reflection of me and my personality so everything has to be just right. From the personality in my words to the edit in my images, I want Jess all over it all. However, this can get super time consuming and sometimes I put alot of pressure on myself.. sound familiar? I have to take a step back sometimes from the work and all the crazy to just be and breathe. I know so many of you will feel exactly the same.

I was walking along in the sun the other day, the birds were tweeting and I felt like nothing really mattered that much and it became apparent that in a world with so much pressure, we all need to be kinder to ourselves don’t you think? A woman who is humble yet knows her worth in this world, a gracious, kind attitude towards her self will glow in her own skin – that is what we all should want for ourselves.

From this, I thought I would share how I am making a big effort to love myself and be proud of that! I really hope you will all do the same… slow down and appricate yourself and your efforts.

/ Say one kind word to yourself as soon as you wake up – kind of like an affirmation. Give yourself a bloody compliment, why wait for anyone else to. You are awesome and beautiful souls so get in that mirror and tell yourself you are awesome and that you love yourself unconditionally. takes abit of getting used to and if anyone hears you you’ll sounds crackers but give it a go.

/ Write down what you actually love to do. I did this and  you forget some things that you used to do that have gotten lost in the daily grind of life. Please make time for yourself and your hobbies.

/  Time alone is so important to really truly understand who you are. Read my post on taking a solo trip to discover things about yourself. Be honest with yourself too, know your biggest ‘flaws’ once your aware of them then you can try to understand them and grow and learn to change the things you don’t quite like about yourself. I used to ignore things about myself so I wouldn’t have to confront them. Slowly I am confronting these and overcoming them. PLEASE remember humans are not perfect and we aren’t supposed to be. We are just trying to be the best versions of ourselves and at times we might not be able to and thats ok my loves. Be kind to yourself. After all this world is a fucking tough ( and amazing) place to be at times.

/ Stop comparing. I am sure so many ladies (me included) do this. Look, we live in a world were we can compare ourselves to models, insta famous swim wear models etc so easily. Its all so accessible via Instagram and social media. Its so easy to think your life sucks because your looking at a galley of someones supposed ‘life’. Instagram is NOT real life. Take a break from Instagram if those people are making you feel shitty.  We are beautiful just the way we are please lets start believing it

/ One of the most important one to me personally – forgive yourself for your mistakes. Forgive yourself for any unintentional harm you may have one caused to someone.  I feel guilt hard but I have slowly learned that sometimes people fuck up and thats ok, if you learn and grow from your own mistakes, then sometimes mistakes are necessary.


How to fall in love with yourself

How to fall in love with yourself

How to fall in love with yourself

How to fall in love with yourself


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