I have been thinking a lot about age and if it matters to me. Is age just a number or does it have significance in life and our professional and persona goals?

Mainly I have suddenly started to battle with where I ‘should’ be in my life VS where my heart tells me I want to be. I put ‘should’ like this because there is (certainly for a woman) a typical journey and mile stone that are expected of you in your life.

For example, 18 – go to uni and get them grades hunni, 21- get yo ass a full time job even if you hate it you need dat doller and a CAREER, 25-26 start thinking of buying a house hon and get yo lonely self a bf/gf or you will die alone. Then 28ish – ermmm he better put a ring on it? Get down that alter noooow, 28/30 you better start using that uterus of yours babes coz otherwise you gonna be a shrivelled up prune and it’ll be too late and then no one will love you…you get my point.

Wow even typing and thinking about it made my chest feel tighter with the pressure that is put upon us to be a certain way. Its expected that we all have to live the same way to be happy and to be seen as ‘successful’. What my idea of happiness and success might not be others and vice versa. Lets face it age seems to be such a lingering factor in our life all the time doesn’t it, but what does it really even matter? It’s a number, and that’s it really. What about if everyone just stopped with the pressure and let ourselves just enjoy life, relax and let life be, without giving yourself immense pressure to tick things off the box by a certain point because its deemed acceptable by society.

I mean, I have never myself been that ‘traditional’. I never really thought about weddings and babies or what kind of bride I would be because I am trying to enjoy my life right now plus that shit scares the HELL OUT OF ME! I have never really wanted to work myself like a dog in a horrible job I hate because its really good money, I hate that rubbish because before you know it you’re in your rocking chair at 80 and all that money doesn’t really mean that much. However, today, for a second I stumbled and thats ok because sometimes we need a little stumble to realise the truth. Its healthy to give yourself goals, dreams and plans in your life but don’t abide by society’s rules just because you think you have to and that’s the norm.

If you don’t want to get married or you do, live your life first. make sure you will always have stories and experiences to share with others, thats what being rich is to me – life experience. It’s fine to have goals and schedules to keep to of course – but its when we let them define us, when we put a timer on our happiness and our life, that’s asking for disappointment, don’t you think? Remember that every journey is individual and does not have a time limit. You will grow into who you are supposed to be and that might take a while and that’s fine but just fall in love yourself and everything will fall into place and will eventually make sense – believe me. What are your thoughts on this? Do you also feel the pressure? I would love to know!  X J X

Age is just a number



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