Hey my beautiful friends,

After just coming back from spending some time at a health retreat, where I did yoga everyday, exercised 2-3 times a day and ate plant based food, I need to tell you the little realisation I had.

So over the past year, I have really upped my game when it comes to my health, I became vegetarian (read about that here) and cut back on diary and animal products. I go to the gym regularly and notice the difference in my body and mind when I haven’t been for a week or so. I get sluggish and lazy and my body feels bloated, then its a snowball effect of not wanting to go and work out to feel better. I would probably be classed as pretty healthy, I eat healthily 80 percent of the time I guess.  However, this has take quite a while to master, alot of research and trial and error with what works for my body…and mind.

It was not always this way though, I partied hard at one point, constantly drinking, staying out for days and loosing myself a little. I loved to let loose and would always be the last to go home, even feeling anxious when my night was coming to an end. After doing this for several years, my body became weak and sad, I woke up with the dreaded hangover anxiety and I knew it had to stop. I needed to start treating myself with kindness and love. So that is what I did, I stopped hanging around with people who had a negative influence on me – the ‘party friends’. I stopped drinking to the point of being drunk and going to parties which would always get a little crazy. I now enjoy a few glasses of wine at a nice bar but I like to be home chilling out by 12, wake up with a clear, fresh mind, ready to take on whatever challenges are thrown my way. And now I can (usually) deal with them because my mind is open and clear, not foggy due to alcohol. This has also done wonders for my anxiety – I urge anybody who suffers with anxiety to cut out or at least cut back on their alcohol intake. I found my amazing man who is just like me and we are on par with how we look at life. This is so important by the way – finding someone who has relatively the same outlook on life.

Anyhow, back to the retreat. I met so many different types of people which was truly amazing actually, you can learn so much from people if you are open minded. Some of these incredibly strong people were battling addictions, some were going through a divorce or some were just there to feel better,  learn more about healthy foods and reconnect with themselves again.

The day would go like this: A morning hike at 7am then followed by a HIIT workout,  breakfast then tennis and other sporting activities till around 6.30 pm at night. Even for a generally active person this would be challenging but for these people who hadn’t done any sort of exercise for several years, it was super difficult and mentally exhausting.

What really shocked me was how much we neglect our bodies and ourselves over the years and stuff shit food down our throats, not thinking about the nutrients we are missing. We don’t move our bodies and become so comfortable with that. It really made me realise that as I do get older, I will make sure that I never stop exercising in some form and try to eat whole foods 80 percent of the time. I felt stronger than ever that I didn’t want to get to an age where I find exercise difficult. I honestly believe you care cure so much with good food and exercise, instead of nipping to the doctors for a pill to fix everything.

Our bodies and extremely precious and they put up with alot of shit but they are not indestructible and one day the neglect will catch up with you. Its so important to look after yourself and treat yourself with love and respect.

So start today, challenge yourself to make better choices and your body and soul will thank you for it… I promise





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