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I do Apologise as I haven’t posted in a while… I have been settling into Ibiza life and it has been pretty hectic. I will do a post on this though soon, how to settle into a new place etc…

Anyhow, I thought I would put together a little bucket list of the places I would like to explore in Europe over the next year or so. I will admit, I fell out of love a little with Europe last year, but now I am in Ibiza, I can’t wait to go and explore again.

Here it goes –


Known as the Blue city in Morocco. This place looks stunning! I have been to Marrakesh and I have always wanted to go back. From the glistening lanterns to drinking the sweetest mint tea I have ever had, Morocco totally made me swoon! We all have seen the white cities such as Santorini, but never blue. So I am super intrigued to explore this little Aladdin city!

The Canary Islands

I loved visiting the Canary Islands last year! You can see how beautiful it was in my post here . I would absolutely love to go back and go to the National Park of theTeide volcano, which is at an elevation of 12,200 feet!  I really think the Canaries is underrated. It has some of the most charming seaside villages, impressive mountains and the best weather! Check out some super cheap Tenerife holidays here!

Clinic Terre 

I first saw a picture of this pastel perfection place on Google images somewhere and it drew me in instantly. I wanted to go and explore this wonderful little cove of colorful buildings! A fishing village located on the coast, giving breath taking views to all its on lookers. Cars are banned here too which I find fantastic!


I can not quite believe I haven’t been to Berlin yet. Its dark, moody ambiance reminds me of my home city – Manchester slightly. The clouds are always hovering over your head, the sun hardly ever makes an appearance but it has this cool, edgy, underground feel to it that draws you in. Not to mention the music scene! I have to get into Berghain! I would actually love to visit Germany in general as I haven’t had a chance to yet!


After visiting Zadar, Croatia (read my post here)  I was super eager to check out Slovenia as they are neighbors pretty much -only slightly less touristy ( I have heard) It looks like an earthy paradise with its beautiful green lakes and outstanding mountain scenery!

So there you have it! The places I would love to visit in Europe over the next coming months!

Has anybody been to any of these places mentioned? Tell me more! What is on your bucket list?



 bucket list 2017

bucket list 2017


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