Wherever I go in the world, I love discovering the quirky, non tourist places to eat, drink and dance. I have put together some of the best places I found whilst I have been here! Here is my Ibiza travel guide and the best spots to go in Ibiza!


Arriving in Ibiza:

Getting around can be tough via public transport so a car or scooter (please wear a helmet) will be a good choice. This gives you so much more freedom to roam around and find hidden beaches and get to the more remote places public transport just can’t reach!


A taxi to the centre of Ibiza will cost you around 10 -15 euros, there are taxis right outside the airport too.


You can also get a cheap bus right outside the airport that will take you to Ibiza old town in 20 minutes. Cheap and cheerful!

Eat & Drink

Ibiza has an assortment of great food, the places below are aimed at vegans and vegetarians (as I am a veggie) I found there to be loads of places for us! Fresh, organic ingredients can be found in Ibiza! YAY!


This place was an absolute dream – I was in veggie organic food HEAVEN! Ecocentro is dedicated entirely to alternative and natural life, to the care of the planet. This place was just so me, the vibe was so relaxed they had a little wood burning fire whilst we drank organic cocktails and yummy vegan burgers. All the food looked so delish that we ended up over ordering (I always do this when I am excited lol). The vegan ‘chicken’ nuggets are AMAZING! They also have a little organic grocery store which I could spend hours looking at all the goodies. They have beautiful handmade jewellery and clothes made locally on the island!

Ecocentro Ibiza

Wild Beets

Yummy, organic, raw vegan food situated in one of my favourite neighbourhoods in Ibiza – Santa Gertrudis! Vegans and vegetarians will be spoilt for choice here, just as I was. The rustic furniture really goes with the vibe of Wild Beetz and compliments the whole aesthetic. Sure, its not cheap but you get what you pay for, especially in Ibiza!

Wild Beetz Ibiza


I went here to celebrate my birthday and I was blown away! Its pretty rural and difficult to find if you arent looking for it. Its set in a stunning cove looking over the ocean, its like a genie cave! Perched on a cliff overlooking the Sol Den Serra bay, the restaurant is surrounded the lushest scenery. They serves a Mediterranean cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. Go here for the day as you can chill on the beds too!

Amante Ibiza

Amante Ibiza

Amante Ibiza Amante Ibiza


One of the most charming spots in Ibiza and if there is one place you must go and visit it’s Atzaró. Set in 10 acres of exquisite countryside, surrounded by towering palm trees and whitewashed buildings is the Atzaró boutique! With its stunning, natural setting, lush spa, yoga temple and pools, Atzaró is perfect for those days where you want to eat local, fresh food, shop some of the finest independent designers around and kick back for the day surrounded by nature! The perfect escape <3

Artzaro Ibiza

Locals Only

Being vegetarian and super conscious about the environment, Locals Only has the type of ethos I support with great passion. They only use local organic produce, limit the use of paper, recycle all the silverware and only use recycled wood to make the furniture! They even have a carving of a world map on the wall out of recycled wood! How awesome is that?! The customer service is exquisite too. When I wasn’t sure what cocktail to have the lovely waiter asked me if I trusted him (I nodded apprehensively) he then returned which specially made cocktail! The menu has so many appealing options, I (for once) felt spoiled for choice! So I decided to order a few things to really sample the food! The avocado on organic bread was delish, a sweet potato salad, with a huge portion of fresh gnocchi! Safe to say I felt like I was going to pop after all of the wonderful food!

Locals Only Ibiza

Locals Only Ibiza

What to do in Ibiza

Splash around in mamma nature and go Kayaking

On my birthday my boyfriend took us kyacking and it was so much fun! We kayaked around the edges of the cliffs around the Ibiza island. Its bloody hard work and a little intense (not to be done if you’ve drank a little too much wine the night before) I enjoyed it so much. We did it with a lovely company called Kaak Ibiza, we met at a remote beach at Cali Moil and grouped up with the rest of the kayaking crew. All in all it was around 1.5 hours around the rocks, checking out the caves of Ibiza then we stopped for refreshments and then kayaked back for around an hour.

The magical sunsets at Es vedra

Go as high up on a cliff viewing point as you possibly can and go and watch the sun go down (or come up) over this mysterious magnetic island. Es vedra is quoted as the 3rd most magnetic island on the planet, so I just love going up there, there is something so peaceful and calming about looking at the rock. Although there was quite alot of people up there doing the same as us, there seems to be some sort of mutual respect to make too much noise. You can also spot the caves around where the hippies of Ibiza lived and still live to this day. Inside tip: find the meditation circle to walk around!




Visit the hippie island of Formentera

Exotic beaches, a chilled laid back vibe  with the bluest ocean you have ever seen, Formentera has it all. Grab a scooter, head up to the north coast to Ses lletes beach and lay on the flour white beaches surronded by insane views of the vibrant turquoise ocean. The boats head out at 10am & 11am and come back at 5pm & 6pm taking around 30 minutes.

Hang out around Dalt villa

A must see for anyone visiting the island! Make sure you wear sensible shoes as the cobbled, winding, narrow paths along with the hike up to the top of Dalt villa can be a tough one on a hot day but boy is it worth it! Dalt Villa looks down on Ibiza town (Dalt Villa actually means ‘upper town’) and when you reach the top the views are breath taking. However on the way up there, don’t forget to take in every single detail. Such as the wooden heavy doors, the magnificent walls that once kept intruders out of the town and the rows the tiles with hand prints of celebrity such as Penelope Cruz’s! All this walking can get your appetite going so make a pit stop at S’Escalinata where there is fresh juices and yummy snacks to keep you refuelled!

  Dalt Villa Ibiza

Woomoon – Cova Santa

I will try to put this place in to 5 words – Weird, Wonderful, Enchanting, Quirky, Vibrant.

This place is pure magic! You feel like you have been transported into another world at times. Located in the hills of San Jose lies the Cova Santa party WooMoon! An open air party that sort of feels like a festival with stalls of organic healthy acia, vegan curries, body painting and gorgeous boho babe clothing! The people here are super cool too, each has their individual style going on, anything goes here so go all out! Everyone at this party seems a little kinder and gentler than the ‘outside’ world. Happy smiles are all around me and its hard for it not to become infectious here. You are surrounded by love and friendliness and it oozes out of everyone. The performers of WooMoon pop out of nowhere and you will watch in awe of them. The music matches the ambience of WooMoon perfectly. Artists play instruments to electronic beats whilst everyone in the crowd lovingly sings along. As the night draws closer, the beats get heavier and the energy becomes higher and the people partying at WooMoon are here for the night! Around midnight the nightclub opens and the crowd slowly start to disperse into the night…If you want to get in touch with your free spirit then WooMoon will not disappoint, go with an open mind and bags of energy!

Go to a cool beach club – Bagatelle

A concept by David Guetta’s ex wife – Cathy Guetta. A super chill beach club in Cali Moli (one of the cutest beaches, situated in a small cove on the west coast of the island) It has exquisite french food, five star service and the notorious Bagatelle ambiance about it. It can get a little rowdy as the day goes on, the music gets louder and people start dancing on tables and having a whale of a time! Cathy actually started the well known party –  F**k Me I’m Famous! So she knows how to put a good party on! Whilst I was there she came over and asked how our food was and wished us a good time. A must visit if you want luxury whilst still having lots of party vibes!

There are so many more places I could mention but I will save them for another time! I hope you liked my mini guide and find it helpful if you guys are ever in Ibiza!

Love & light always,





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