Ah, Manchester, how I thought I would never miss you but I the truth is – I have. I have spent the majority of the summer living and working in Ibiza and although it has been an erratic, crazy experience, I am glad to be home – for the first time ever.

I am used to leaving Manchester, I have left a total of 4 times now, yet I always find my way back in this little grey city. When I left in June, I had had it with the constant drizzle and rain, the murky looking clouds and never being able to swim in the ocean – one of my fav things in the world to do.

However, after moving to a place I thought would make me happy, I couldn’t wait to get back to my home city. I havent ever had this feeling before if im honest, Manchester is usually just a stop off to make some more travel money, re balance and leave to explore again. But Upon my return, I felt overwhelmed with love and appreciation and genuinely happy to call this place home again.

My friends keep telling me this is because Im –  ummm ‘getting older’ and maybe I feel the ‘need to settle down’ which might be a little true but that just sounds a little too mundane for me. I am going to go with that – I am ready for a completely different chapter that I havent ever explored yet. This being – getting my own flat, being independent in a different kind of way ( I am always super independent FYI – but this is more of a grown up way I guess) and the thing I have been looking forward to most – having a place to call and feel like a real home that I can decorate and feel comfortable in. I have moved around quite alot in the last 4 years and I am ready for this right now. It’s exciting and new and my heart feels full.

After arriving back in Manchester I couldn’t wait to do a number of things that I havent been able to do in Ibiza. I met up with Alex a few days later and we strolled around, taking pictures and catching up. I thought I would share with you what I have been missing in me little city.

The vintage shops

Clothing in ibiza is in general not the best. Apart from Zara and Pull & Bear which you can find some goodies. the vintage shops are not great or they are super expensive. I couldnt wait to get stuck in and jazz up my winter wardrobe again just in time for the colder weather.

My fav vintage shops are –

We Are Cow

Pop Boutique

Oxfam Originals


As I am a huge coffee fan I really missed cool coffee hangout spots as this wasnt really a thing in Ibiza. I love taking my laptop and a good book and chilling at my fav coffee house sometimes for hours on end. In manchester you can usually catch me hanging out with a coffee at Foundation(they do really cool events here in the evenings too) Northen Tea Power is a super cute place too along with the funky Nexus Art Cafe, it has a cute little garden out the back!

The Northen Accent

Ah the northen accent is one of the warmest, friendliest around and hearing it again honestly makes me feel warm inside haha! Us northerners are a friendly bunch <3

Reasonably priced stuff

Wow, Ibiza is expensive. 12 euro for a smoothie at alot of places! Vegan and veggie food is not cheap (even though it should be as its mostly veggies hmmm!) I couldn’t believe it when I bought a Cowherds smoothie from Foundation Coffee house, it was huge and cost me a fiver! Also I bloody missed Poudland! There is no such thing in Ibiza!

So, Manchester is where I shall be for a while now. I finally have a place I call home which is for me such a strange thing. I have no real urge to jet anywhere right now and its the most grounded and balanced I have felt in a long time.




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