A few weekends ago me and my boyfriend heard that the Southport Airshow was happening, I had just arrived back from my summer in Ibiza I was dying to go and visit something that was totally English, so a seaside with planes flying around sounded fun and ideal.

Southport is only a couple of hours drive from Manchester (if your boyfriend doesn’t keep miss the turnings lol) so it is easily doable. Southport takes me way back to my childhood memories, being SO excited to go on the ‘gee gee’s’ (the horses) on the beach, the red car rides that go round and round until you feel slightly sick and very dizzy, waving at the onlookers, feeling like the queen of the world.

Obviously now I see a different side of Southport, I love the beaches that look far from ‘typical’ idyllic beaches you might usually see but have a traditional ambience about them that make you feel like you are seeing the ‘proper’ England and I love that. Even after spending the summer being on the most insane, typically beautiful beaches, the english beaches have so much character about them. Even if its to cold to swim, they have their own vibe.

It wouldn’t be a traditional seaside trip without some chips, I don’t know why the chips ALWAYS taste better at the seaside but they always do. I love chips with mushy peas and curry! Two pots of that and some seriously salty chips!

I havent been to an airshow before so I wasn’t sure what to expect! Different types of planes glided smoothly through the air doing all sorts of crazy tricks like flipping upside down and whizzing around on their side. I don’t know much about the names and technicalities of planes but the one that caught most peoples attention was the Typhoon! This RAF plane was like a rocket, so fast and incredibly loud when the sound waves hit your ears. People covered their ears as the planes whizzed over the top of everyone. It was like a bomb had gone off. Our dogs, bless them, even started to shake!

The sunsets at Southport are always beautiful and we managed to catch it when we was driving back. It was behind us as we drove away from Southport.



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