I hope you have all enjoyed this period just as much as I have. It has been so nice to have a break from everything and just enjoy the company of loved ones and of course eating more than my bodyweight in food! Christmas eve eve was spent frantically wrapping presents in my flat and rushing out to buy tags – I always forget the tags! Christmas Eve I spent it with my family and my cute little baby niece and nephew watching them open Christmas Eve presents. I remember being younger and being so overwhelmed at the excitement but also not really sure what was going on! I have to say that having younger children in the fam really makes Christmas that little bit more special.

On Christmas day my brother decided to get the shots out! I am not really a huge drinker but in the pressure of my older bro making me I forced down a couple of whiskey shots! haha! I think they actually sorted my cold out though! I had a wonderful christmas nut roast from M&S which was so delish! followed by a vegan cheese board from Vio Life and also vegan mince pies by Asda! Yes Asda! Love when I see big supermarkets offering vegan options!

Later my boyfriend picked me up and we can to my flat here to open some more gifts to each other. My boyf is literally the BEST when it comes to choosing presents! He really knows what I like! As I have recently moved in to a new place he bought me some amazing home things. I love plants so he got me a mini palm tree lol! I dont know the name (see pic below)

Anyhow, I wish all of you a wonderful 2018, make them dream boards and believe they will happen!

Love J x


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