What a year it has been my friends!

I have had a pretty hectic year – Moving to Ibiza, shooting with some cool photographers, amazing opportunties with my blog & Instagram and finally having my own little nest in Manchester.

2017 for me, was a year of self discovery but on a deeper level. I have had to go through some situations to realise that what I thought I wanted from life wasn’t actually as it seemed. I have had to go through some strange, difficult situations to realise where my heart belongs and what gives me true happiness. Don’t get me wrong though, this isn’t all worked out, its a working progress.

See, thats the thing with life isn’t it, if we had it all worked out from the get go we would get so bloody bored!

2018 for me will be not a ‘new year new me’ because I can only be me and I can only build on myself and try to be the best version of myself possbile. I will be entering 2018 with a positive vibe and specific intentions of what I want to achieve based on my achievements from 2017. I recommend everyone to do a dream board for 2018 and put it somewhere you will see it everyday. Sometimes in the grind and craziness of our daily work lives, we can forget our goals so it is good if you can see them every single day as a little reminder. Plus I really believe in the idea of visualisation – start actually visualising your dream boards everyday and watch the magic happen!

One thing is certain for 2018 though and something that applies to every single one of us. Do what makes you happy, work hard to achieve your goals and dreams but be patient and kind to yourself. As life is there to challenge, confuse and makes us question everything!

What are your dreams for 2018? How was 2017 for you?

Jess x





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