I have been looking forward to this trip in like forever!

I have a special connection with Barcelona and it has a place in my heart, I lived there 3 years ago and have made so many memories here. I have re-visited a few times since and it is something I will always do. However, this time it is extra special as I am reunited with a close friend of mine Ash.

 I spent alot of my days exploring, seeking out the best foodie places and dancing till dawn with her and we have had some amazing times in this wonderful city. She jetted off to Vietnam after Barcelona and I havent been able to see her since! 3 years ago! You know one of them friendships where you don’t see each other in a while but then when you meet and its like you havent ever left eachothers side? Literally we have been finishing each others sentences all day lol. 

My flight was an early one so today is a much needed chill day, walking around Barca getting re aquatinted with the neighbourhoods again. Food wise, Barcelona has more choices when it comes to vegan food than when I lived here. Ash took me to this cute little place called Juice House. You can get an awesome deal for 5.50 for vegan pancakes and a coffee! Super cheap considering food is pretty expensive here. We also ordered the spinach, quinoa burger because, well we like to eat lol!

The weather is a little chilly but SO sunny! There is no better feeling than sun on your face and blue skies is there? It is defo coat weather but im happy with that as its been all rain in Manchester the last few weeks. 

The rest of the week is going to be super fun and will be spent enjoying time with Ash, talking about old memories, revisiting our old haunts and making memories at new ones.

Although this trip is not only just to have loads of fun but I am here to work on a project that I am super excited on! So watch this space my loves, there is going.

More from me tomorrow! 

Love & Light,



Barcelona vegan


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