The weather in Barcelona has been SO nice guys! I really miss the blue skies here and its super mild too! Luckily I dont need to see any of the toursity sights as I have seen them all pretty much several times, which is great because it leaves you to explore other things like…. the best coffee places! 

My friend took me to a gem today, Departure coffee set in the the neighbourhood of Ravel, it is such a cool little space with its huge wooden door and antique door press. You can spend hours there flipping through the magazines, working on your laptop or talking to the owners who are so lovely! Of course I ordered a oat latte (extra hot) and Ash ordered an americano! It was one of the best coffee I have had to date! Departure has a great setting to take pictures, gorgeous white walls and plants are dotted everywhere, creating that ‘botanical’ kind of look. 

After our coffee, I decided to explore the neighbourhood and went back to The Juice House for their vegan coconut cheesecake! Rich and creamy teamed perfectly with yet another coffee(I wont lie I started to get coffee rush lol)

I still have a few more days here in Barcelona and I want to go to some other spots I havent been yet! Next on the list is a rooftop terrace!

Love & light



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