Barcelona, you have my heart!! I dont want to leave like ever. For my last few days in Barcelona I stayed in a hotel, just so I could chill and relax in my own space until going home. Hotel Chi had such a beautiful balcony which made morning coffee + editing + working on my laptop just 100 times more enjoyable. Especially with the sunrising just above the buildings.

Barcelona has blossomed since I last was here, new coffee spots, new cool bars, new foodies places…the list goes on. Like a breath of fresh air and the break I needed. Here are some of my fav places:

Departure coffee – Hidden down a little street, this is a super chill place to work and drink coffee

Sésamo – This place is pure foodie heaven! It is an all vegan / veggie restaurant set in the area of El Raval and not only does it have the most delish menu but the their wine selection is fricken amazing! Food wise, as weird as it sounds make sure you try the baked cauliflower! Wow, it takes the usual boring cauliflower to a whole new level.

Salterio – Ok, this place has my heart, I used to go there all the time when I lived there and was such a hidden gem. Think dark, beautiful, mystical Moroccan cave with yummy sangria and homemade food! In the evening they have live music to sooth the soul whilst you gently sway, head bopping, drinking your sangria.

The Juice House – I have my wonderful friend Ash for taking me here. They have a deal 5.50 for pancakes and coffee (which is super cheap in Barcelona) the pancakes are smothered in almond butter and fruit. They also have the best vegan cheesecake!

W Hotel – I know I know, Its a chain and a hotel but seriously it has the best terrace spot, looking over the ocean, watching the world go by. As it is out of season too, the place is dead and you can just sit back and relax. Too cold to get in the pool just yet though.

If you guys go to Barcelona, defo check out some of these places, if you need any more recommendations then email me.



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