Well, well , well looks who’s back, yup me. And where the hell do you think you have been, I hear you say. I am really bloody sorry about not writing, posting anything in the last few weeks but im having one of them, what ya call em, life funks. You know the ones, where you keep going going and going work work work etc etc and you burn out then you just feel like staying in bed with ya hot water bottle, hot choc whilst watching First Dates Hotel over and over. So yeah after two business trips to Barcelona and then straight off to Mallorca I came back with a bloody awful cold and a big lazy attitude towards everything ha! Plus I started writing for Lovin Manchester which has been bloody fantastic, super busy times though, yano. 

So yeah I have been all non stop really. I havent even had time to post about this beauts cactus farm we came across in Mallorca! Or edit the pictures, not like me at all, editing images is me fav bit! But hey ho, better late than never, eh? 

ANYWAY, let’s check out what you have all come to see, the Botanicactus Botanical Gardens in Ses Selines. It;s kinda like you have stepped back in to dinosaur land and me and the boyf couldn’t stop chatting about how we thought it looked like Jurassic park. and the best part? With it being out of season it was completely DEAD! God I love that, we didn’t see a soul the whole way around. I was shooting my new jewellery and clothing bits for my brand ( more info sooooon) and although it was a little bit nippy ( quite literally) It was bloody fantastic! Cactus’s are one of my fav plants, they tend not to die, they don’t need alot of attention and they look all weird and wonderful. This place has tons of different types  ( over 1,000 ) that I had never seen before! The gardens were opened in 1989 in Ses Salines because of the scarcity of rains in the area. The centre of the garden is full of cacti, surrounded by Mediterranean species, there is also a selection of tropical plants with a lake, so dreamy. Also I adored how grassy it was! Look at all that gorgeous grass.

You actually kinda forget you are in tourist trap Mallorca and kinda feel like you are in a weird cactus film set. If I was to do it again, I would take a little picnic and a beer and stay there for hours. What a place.

Love n light,



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