Arriving in Florence and the weather is insanely beautiful, the sun beaming down on my face is one of the best feelings in the world. I was sadly on there for one night and truth be told I was super tired, 4 flights in 9 days has been real lol.

However I wanted to make the most of it and power on through and after a mid afternoon nap and a few cups of coffee later I was raring to go.

I wanted to try out this veggie place Brac which is a small little hidden library, cafe and restaurant with a vegan and veggie menu serving organic vegetables and wines. They have a really interesting menu and luckily they have a deal to try 3 of different choices on the menu for 15 euro so be certain to try their entree of three dishes – and to make reservations as it is extremely popular.

All these carbs made me SO bloated so for dinner I really fancied a fresh, healthy salad and luckily I found this cute little restaurant Olivia, all organic produce and delicious fresh juices. I had a gorgeous tofu salad with quinoa. Its just a lovely little place, overlooking the palazzo Pitti. The weather was amazing especially after having 4 days of rain in Tuscany! 

For sunset the spot to go is a view point is from Piazzale MIchelangelo, the most known spot for enjoying a clear view over not only Florence but all Arno valley. You can get there on foot with no issues and you will be rewarded with this amazing scenery with the Tuscan hills as a backdrop. Honestly its truly incredible. The piazza is dedicated to the most famous Renaissance artist, Micheangelo, and the center of the square also displays a replica of his most famous statue, the David.

I was blown away as the sun looked like an orange on fire, music was playing and even though it was super busy everyone was in high spirits. The sun said goodnight and slowly disappeared out of view which led everyone to clap and cheer. This was one of the most memorable events of my trip – really urge you to go and experience this. 

So I was flying from Pisa airport which is just over an hours drive from Florence and I missed my bloody bus on the morning to get to Pisa! Bit of a nightmare as I couldn’t find where the bus departed! I havent travelled like this in a while and I in my experiences traveling I know I should of booked an earlier bus! So I ended up with having an hour to my flight when getting to Pisa. Learn from my mistakes kids and ALWAYS book an early bus to get you to the airport…just incase.

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On my way to Florence

The streets of Florence


Wine at Blac

Food at Blac


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