The pictures below portrays a smiling woman who looks healthy and happy and full of life and energy. However let me be real with you, this has been one of the most challenging weeks of my life, mentally and physically. I could post an inspiring post with all positive vibes and only those close to me would know that it’s the not the way I have truly felt this week, but thats not me and I want to be as real as possbile in this strange perfection highlight reel of social media.
I feel pushed to my limits over the last few days and I have been tested more than I have in a long time.  All my positive vibes, inspiring attitude towards life has gone to pan this week. but thats ok.
I have had quite an aggressive surgery over the weekend to help me breathe better and I honestly expected to be absolutely fine. Even expecting to jump up after coming around from the anaesthetic, skip home with a happy face, relax for a couple of hours then maybe even head to Park Life for abit. LOL – Oh how I was so wrong. But hey you cant blame a girl for tryna be optimistic yano.
The surgery utterly and completely floored me, I have never been through something like this before. As a fiercely independent person who has moved / lived / travelled to different countries by herself and is extremely active in my daily life, there is nothing worse for me than just ‘relaxing’ – no exercise ( i couldn’t even bend down) no yoga, no inspiring content to write,  I couldn’t read or even meditate as I couldn’t hardly concentrate so there I was just alone with my thoughts for days.
So now I’m finally starting to come around again I feel more connected to my core, I feel extremely grateful for the little things, my physical body mostly, that I was and one day soon will be able to go and workout every day again, that I am able to breathe in fresh air through my lungs and feel every inch of it in my tummy, to think clearly when I wake up, to feel fresh cold water slide down the back of my throat – I am grateful for these simple pleasures in life. Hell to even have the energy to do these things, we all take it for granted and thats ok because thats life but tests like this give us a chance to surrender and to remind ourselves how precious life is and be grateful for every single day we have left on this planet. Because without our health all the materialistic rubbish – cars, clothes, houses, designer gear, none of it means  ANYTHING if you aren’t healthy and if you dont have people who care for you around you. so I am thankful for this learning and for the tests that are thrown my way. 
So go and do all the things you want to do, explore, seek adventure and be grateful for everything you have in your life. Treat and nourish your body, and always prioritise your health. and keep pushing yourself to see the good in everything and everyone. 
Love yourself, every single inch wholeheartedly and repeat after me
“May I be healthy, happy and may I overcome any challenges comes my way 🌟”
Love & Light,


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