I am so excited and proud to finally tell you guys that I have launched my secret project I have been working on for months. I have launched my own bohemian brand – WildShe Boutique!  https://wildsheboutique.com/

I have wanted to create a brand that truly represents my style, ethos and values for so long now and WildShe does just that. It began as I started to collect vintage jewellery on my travels as I was so bored of buying fashion that everyone else seemed to be wearing from the typical fashion brands. I wanted unique one of a kind pieces that I knew I wouldn’t see 10 other girls wearing down the street. 

I also wanted to buy with the earth in mind and more we recycle and re-use the more we can help save this beautiful planet. this is the core value of WildShe. I have researched and picked out non vintage items too which have that boho vibe to them. Dresses, kimonos and dreamcatchers that I adore.

WildShe is created with the wild hearts the free spirited, the rule breakers, and the radicals.
A true hippie at heart, living in an unconventional modern world who constantly wants to break free, explore and embark on an never ending journey. The brand represents my style, values, core beliefs and everything I connect with spiritually and physically.

Im so excited for this journey and although small, WildShe is full of character, charisma and passion and aims to grow with you as both our stories unfold.

We cant wait for our paths to cross however that may be. I do hope you will join me on this journey <3


Love & light,


“Your energy is your centre, stand tall in your light, breathe and come home, be blissfully you.”


The Shanti Set

The Karuna Kimono

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