Hello angels. I have some huge news and I know you must be thinking, What jess you are moving away AGAIN! but yep, im packing up, leaving Manchester and moving my life to Bali… in 7 weeks!

If you have been following my journey for a while you will know that I love to move around and in the last 4 years I have been lucky enough to live and travel to some amazing places. I have wanted to go bak to Asia ever since I lived in Thailand, I love the culture, the food and the laid back attitude to life.

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So how did this all come about you might be wondering? Well let me take you back to May when my best friend Ashley AKA Venture-ette surprised me and moved to Manchester. Ashley is Amercian but has been living in Barcelona ( this is where we met when we both lived there) Istanbul, Vietnam and most recently South America. One of the reasons why we click so much is our thirst for adventure. Not to mention many others.


So the day Ash arrived in Manchester I picked her up from the airport and once we got to my apartment I turned to her and said ” hey what are you going to do after this?” She looks up with a smile on her face and says ” hmmm, dont know, what about you” “Fancy moving to Bali” I said with a coy smile on my face. A huge smile spread across her face and she said “HELL YEAH” and that was that. Obviously there was plans to be made but we are both very headstrong and once we want something we make it happen.

Why am I moving?

I have been back in Manchester now for just under a year after coming back from living in Ibiza and I will be honest I love living in Manchester. I feel at home and comfy…but im too comfy. It scares me when I get too comfy because I want to always keep my life exciting and fresh and I felt like I wanted another adventure. Before Ash came I was even thinking of buying a house, which now is a crazy thought. I want to experience everything, I want to look back on my life and think wow girl, you really did good. You followed your dreams and was ALWAYS true to your heart and soul. I want to inspire others to do the same.

Wearing WildShe Jewellery

How am I planning Bali

I don’t plan everything out too much, I like to feel free with my adventures. We have decided on a month in Ubud and have booked a month in a villa to start then we will maybe move to Canggu. Thats as much as we have planned. As I mentioned before for me plans don’t always work out so its better (for me) to have a loose idea of what you want.

Money – This is what you all want to know right?

 Bali is known for being reasonable when it comes to food, accommodation etc. I have saved around £1500 and so far have spent £215 (each) on a villa in Ubud for a month, our plane ride over there was around £400 (27 hours though god help me) and a motor bike should be around £50 a month which me and Ash will share once we get to Ubud. So all in all I would say you need around £1000 to start you off which flights and accommodation then if you plan to work over there another months rent and some spends.

So there you have it, my plan. You can watch my full Youtube video for more infomation but if you want any advice im always here to help!

Anyway I need to sell so many of my clothes, i feel like starting new so selling many of my old clothes on my ebay here if any of you fancy some fresh garms!

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

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Love always,



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