What exactly IS it?

Microblading is the Japanese method of semi-permanent brows and is a manual, non-machine method which is relatively new to the UK. 

It sounds pretty scary when you think of tattooing an area of your face and at first, it reminded me of those women with blocked permanent 90’s brow, which was not a look I wanted for my eyebrows…

However, microblading is so popular due to its natural, lasting effect, so I finally decided to take the plunge.

When did all us ladies become obsessed with having ‘the perfect brow’?

The need for naturally thick, bushy brows is strong and no matter how much I tried, using SO many different myths to grow them (castor oil, Vaseline etc) I sadly came to the conclusion that I would never really (naturally) have the iconic Cara Delevingne brows! But that’s ok! 

My eye brows were never thin or spare, I am just a little lazy and liked the idea of them just being done when I wake up! 

I toyed with the idea of microblading for a while as I hate change when it comes to my appearance (seriously though, even going to the hairdressers freaks me out.) Then I got them done and I wasn’t the happiest with the shape etc etc. So when I was finally ready to dive back in again and get them re-done – I knew I needed a seriously top of the game kinda gal…income my darling Gracie

I came across Gracie via Instagram, she had a great, professional gallery and her work seemed the best to achieve that natural, full look that I wanted. I stressed to Gracie that I want a really clean natural look and she totally got it straight away. Gracie has years of experience and I can’t STRESS how important this is. 

After picking my ink that closely matched my brow colour, she got to work. She then spent 30 minutes mapping out my eyebrows with threads marked in ink. This allowed her to see the shape of my eyebrows more clearly and where they needed filling in. Also, some slight correction was needed from the previous needling and Gracie talked me through the whole process throughout which really put me at ease. 

Did it hurt? 

HELL YES! (at first.)

Ok, maybe my pain threshold isn’t the best and the pain did only last for 15 minutes before the numbing cream is put on but BOY did it hurt like hell for those 15! It feels like a little knife slitting your skin (which is essentially what it is) but after the numbing cream is applied, you can’t feel a thing and all is well in life again. 

How long did it take in total?

Around 2 and a half hours which actually goes by so fast!

When all was finished and I looked in the mirror, I wont lie I was taken back by how dark they were. I panicked but Gracie reminded me that for the first week or so the colour will be darker until the pigment is pushed out of the skin.

She was right, after a week or so I loved them! They looked so much more natural and now are exactly what how I wanted them. I LOVEEE them!



Brows on fleek?

It was 100% worth it! It is a lazy girls dream. No more wasting 20 minutes every morning trying to make your brows even! Depending on your skin and how fast it will push the pigment out, you will need top-ups every 6-12 months, so just be aware of that.

If you spend ages doing your brows every day then this will be one of the best things you can do for yourself.

I totally recommend finding the right therapist as it is SO important. I can’t thank and recommend enough for her work. You can find Gracies Instagram here.

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Love always,



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