“ I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.” – John Green.

I am off for a little solo trip to Greece today before my move to Bali and after the huge response via my Instagram from all the lovely ladies wanting to know how to approach solo trips. We live in a world now where its extremely common for women to travel alone and why shouldn’t it be if you are being safe? My best times have been when I have been traveling solo. You are more open to opportunities, more likely to say yes to everything, you grow so much as a person, it has made me fiercely independent.

A little bit about my solo adventures – I moved to London 6 years ago alone, from there moved to Barcelona, Thailand, Ibiza and I will be moving to Bali in a weeks time!

I love to travel solo and I have been moving/traveling to countries solo now for several years and over this time I have learned some pretty handy tips to make sure your solo adventure is amazing and not stressful.

1. Plan ahead!

Don’t leave everything to the last minute, research the places you are going and write out a little mini itinerary of the things you want to do. Day trips, cinemas, museums, beaches, yummy restaurants etc. I use blogs, Time Out, Lonely Planet, and Trip Advisor – Happy Cow is good to find yummy vegan restaurants.

2. Overcome the night time anxiety.

This used to be a struggle for me and I didnt know what to do with myself when I first started solo traveling. When the sun goes down – what to do? where to go? Eating and drinking alone can be nerve-racking at first so take with you a few books, your journal a kindle, even your laptop if you want to work. I promise after a while ( and a few glasses of wine) you really won’t give a dam! Embrace your own company, be in your own company – its beautiful.

3. Meeting people.

Us solo travelers do like to meet people and be social too! I have met some of my favorite people whilst solo traveling. Don’t isolate yourself – get out there.

Stay in hostels that are lively – Use the common areas and make conversation.

Use Facebook groups and post asking if anyone is around for a coffee. I love Girlswhotravel.

Book tours or day trips.

4. Safety

Blend in, simple things like do not wear your camera around your neck.

Don’t get wrecked! haha seriously though! Be vigilant. If your gut is telling you something isn’t right, get out.of.there.

Meet people in a busy safe place.

5. Try to learn the basics hello & goodbye of the language

This can really help if you get lost or need some help from the locals!

6. Take pictures & write down the name of your hotel address. 


Watch my Youtube video below for the best way to travel and find cheap tickets to new destinations! 


Most importantly, traveling solo is not scary. The world is full of amazing and wonderful adventures so try new things, let go of the fear and see how beautiful life can be when you travel alone.

Grow, Laugh, Love, LIVE.

Love & light always,



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