Oh guys! After a beautiful few days spent in Barcelona, I am so full of love & gratitude right now. I lived in Barcelona for several months and it is my favourite city in the world! So much magic happens here. The food, the people, the vibe, the wine!!! I just adore it all. So before our move to Bali, we decided to spend a few days where I and Ash first met – in our beloved Barcelona!

it ended up with just one full day there and we stayed in an Airbnb in El born which is a super hi and trendy neighbourhood. 

We got there late on the night so we went for drinks in the El Borne area  at the coolest bar called Lime house. The mojito was only 5 euros which is mega cheap in Barca. Finishing the night off with some magic tricks performed by Ashley’s friend who used to be a magician – it was quite the night!

The next day we had already agreed on a fun itinerary for the day. We had already seen all of the tourist sights when we lived here so we didn’t need to do anything like that. It was a celebration of our friendship and  4 years to the day we met back in Barcelona! so We wanted the day to just be about us and to make it super special. We got up early and had a workout -a quick run and a 15 the body coaches HIIT class at the Arc de triumph then headed to our fav vegan pancake spot – The Juice house. They have some cheap deals with coffee and food too. but the vegan pancakes are to die for guys! I got the peanut butter with banana and strawberries. As I and Ash were so dam hungry we also ordered the Huevos rancheros without the egg and it was so so good!

We then headed to the beach to shoot and relax for a little while. As we knew the Barcelonetta beach would be filled with topless tourist we decided to hop on the metro and go to Badalona. This is a little handy tip if you like more of the quiet beaches. Hop on the metro or the train and head a little out of the city around the coast and the beaches are pretty much deserted. It takes around 30 minutes by metro and it was so worth it.

We then headed back to Barcelonetta to eat from our favorite sandwich shop – Bo de B. Its super cheap and they have quite a few vegan options such as lentils and veggies and the bread is delicious and costs around 5 euros. We then bought a bottle of cava (fancy I know hehe) and wandered down the beach to a spot to eat and drink and go through or manifestations for the upcoming year in Bali and the rest of the world. We also wanted to make some promises to each other as we know the trip at times will put a strain on our relationship. It is difficult spending so much time with one person even when you are very close friends. We are both very independent too so we promised to be supportive, patient and most of all – a good friend. Now for sangria – Salterio has the best sangria in Barcelona all homemade. Salterio is the best secret spot in Barcelona. A little Moroccan cafe serving home cooked food and drinks in the heart of the gothic center. Its a little pricey but it truly is one of my favorite spots and it never disappoints. They also have live music in the evenings.

We wanted our last dinner in Barcelona to be memorable. We had already looked up countless vegan restaurants but none really caught our eye. Then I came across Rasoterra which had super good reviews and seemed like the best choice – well boy was I glad we went.

Hands down this had to be the best vegan meal we both had ever had! It was so so yummy! We tried the 7-course tasting menu which was 32 euro with water. Each plate was like an organism for my taste buds lol! The meal consisted of ….

At this point was so tired and our flight is super early. It was time to pack all our stuff up ( again) and get ready for the journey of our lives. 28 hours. 3 stops … We got this.



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