So, Here I am. Living in Bali, What once was I dream, a distant one. Has now manifested in to my reality.

 I am living what was once my dream. How crazy is that? That you can achieve all that you spend hours, days, months fantasising about? Well no it’s actually not that crazy but we live in a world that feeds off our insecurities, doubts and worries. 

Don’t you dare doubt yourself, I keep telling myself. Put into action all that you dream. All that scares you. What would you be doing now if you were not afraid? 

So here I go. My first week living in Bali, I hope you will join me on my most exciting journey yet. To the dreamers out there, you got this x 

Why did I move to Bali?

You can find more about why I moved to Bali here.

Tropical islands have always been my weakness, I wanted a challenge and I have lived in Asia before so I thought Bali would be perfect. Working online means I can pack up and live anywhere I so wish! Which is truly my dream. I wanted to save and not spend so much on expenses and Asia is perfect for saving.

I arrive in Bali late on a Friday evening after a grueling 28 hours traveling. I am in good spirits though, I am of course excited to start this new journey but also anticipation fills my body.

We stayed in Kuta one night before making our way up to our home for the month in Ubud. Immediately I felt a good energy from Ubud. Easy going, relaxed, smiles everywhere from the locals. Not to mention the place is heaving with organic vegan cafes. I am in my element. Never have I seen a place like it before – total foodie heaven.

On Sunday we had already made a plan to venture down south to the surfer seaside town of Uluwatu, which blew me away. Uluwatu was just even more chilled than Ubud. Lots of Aussie surfers and the ocean is honestly so blue. We partied the night away at the gorgeous Singlefin. They have live music with some really interesting artists.

However… I woke up the next day with serious tummy pain and couldn’t stop being sick. I projectile vomited in the street ( so sorry to Ash for having to witness that lol ) I honestly felt horrific, I couldn’t carry anything or even walk for longer than a few seconds. Being this sick and thousands of miles away from home can throw you off guard. I felt emotional, weak and looked like a dam wreck. A very emotional 3 hour journey back to Ubud was tough but our taxi driver just so happened to be a healer! He worked on my chakras whilst his friend drove and I have to say I felt so much better after the healing. I now know I had a case of Bali belly and I actually feel thankful that it only lasted 12 hours as some cases can last days.

I woke up and although not 100 percent, I feel somewhat normal. I feel grateful for my health. Without our health we truly have nothing. So my intention was as I and Ash took to the mat for our first yoga class in our beautiful villa was gratitude for my body. What it allows me to do on a daily basis.


I want to talk about issues and anxieties that arise when you move abroad. Setbacks happen and of course, this can affect your mindset when in a new foreign place. Over the course of this week I split a whole jar of coconut oil on my phone and had to get a replacement, I freaked out and had a meltdown because I lost in bank card a few days being here, my passport suddenly disappeared, I started to get anxiety but only at the night for no apparent reason and the constant humidity can make you short-tempered. Moving to a new place is a challenge, it takes time to adjust. However just trust that it will pass and you will come back round to your self again. Now I am ready to get to work in this beautiful place I get to call home every day. I feel grateful to live here and be experiencing this reality. 

Having seen so many beautiful pictures of the gorgeous rice paddies I knew I wanted to go there as soon as possible. I and Ash decided to beat the tourist and get up before sunrise to arrive early and get some pictures. The morning sun on the way there was truly breathtaking These are the moments I live for, them memories you know you’ll miss. 

Another beautiful day was the morning visiting the Cau Blayu waterfall which is around a 30-minute drive from central Ubud. It was honestly breathtaking. The water sprayed against the rocks and it felt so gorgeous to swim in. I hope to visit so many waterfalls around Bali over the next few months. 



We really wanted to find a chill beautiful spot to do some sunbathing as at the moment we do not have a pool and it has been SO hot! We came across Amora Resort situated in the jungle and I have to say we were blown away! An infinity pool and it cost us £7 for the day which can be redeemed on food, such an awesome deal. Our lunch (vegan Seitan steak) was even served in the pool! I totally recommend Amora for anyone wanted a chilled relaxed pool day with delish food! 


Another first time for me was attending a women’s circle in Ubud at Bamboo spirit. wow I left feeling so overwhelmingly emotional and grateful. Grateful to feel connected to these strong, beautiful and powerful women who are brave enough to share a fraction of their personal journey with me, a complete stranger. How honestly beautiful that strangers can connect and relate to each others traumas, past lives and stories within minutes of meeting each other. Truly special. 
If you are wondering what A women’s circle is, it’s a small, intimate gathering of women from all different walks of life, coming together to connect, confide, listen and share in a scared, healing space. It’s a truly incredible experience and I urge all my ladies to seek a circle out wherever you are in the world 🌍 and if you can’t find one – make one and invite people. Because if there is something I am leaning Along my journey it’s that all human beings really crave is connection. And that’s what a women’s circle is. Connect 🧝🏼‍♀️ Empower 🧝🏾‍♀️ Relate 👸🏽 Trust ✨

Over the next few weeks I will be going to Canggu for the night and hoping to get so much more content for you guys. 

So far I feel content, happy and hopeful for the future here. I am excited for what is to come, I can not wait to take you on this journey. 

Love & light,





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