When moving to Indonesia I never expected to find a Maldives style private island situated in the middle of the magical ocean. However here I was at 4am traveling to this spectacular place that dreams are made of.
I had also never even heard of the airport or Gorontalo itself and boy did it feel super remote, obviously compared to Bali. So let me tell you my journey traveling solo to this enchanting mystery island.
I had an early flight which was at 08.40 AM which I really didn’t mind as I am a morning person anyway and I like to get up early and gets on with my trip. Little did I know how long it would actually take to get to Pulocinta. Maybe it was a good job I didn’t! I had to take two flights to get to Gorontalo  My first stop was Makassar airport which took just over an hour. I then had a layover of around an hour and a half until my next flight to Gorontalo. Arriving in Gorontalo around 1 pm I straight away noticed that everybody stared at me which made me feel slightly uncountable. I didn’t feel unsafe however, men kept coming up to me and taking selfies mostly without asking. Although I do understand that this is just their nature and tourism isn’t a huge thing there just yet.
The driver picked me up and we started our 3-hour drive through the remote villages which really triggered the thoughts of how privileged I am. These villages seemed very remote, no shops, no supermarkets bar the few that the villagers had as apart of their houses. The houses were brightly colored and there was mostly a Muslim community.
I then arrived at a super small port named Tilamuta Seaport in Boalemo, Gorontalo which can only really house a few small boats. Straight away I noticed the beautiful white sand beaches surrounded by mangroves, the sand also felt so much softer here. I then took a 30 min boat ride to the dreamy island. As it came in to view I had such a big gulp of gratitude. Here I was, the girl from Manchester, whos been traveling solo for many years on this luxury private island – I said my thank you’s to the universe and smiled to myself like a little creep haha. For me, I am grateful for the experience, the opportunity to see more of the world, the people along the journey. It is NOT about the claim of the luxury for me and it never will be. I like nice things of course but I like magical, eye-opening experience more. That is what feeds my soul, I need to stress that.
 I get led to my villa and shown around, here I am in total awe of this enchanting place. My one bedroom villa is spacious with lots of natural light which I need! I don’t do dark dim places! The ocean is obviously right below my feet and as I look up I spot thousands of schools of colourful fish swimming by. I wave a hello as they pass my feet. I wasn’t left with any key card and the doors didn’t lock, everyone is trusted here and I like that.
I was starving by the time I had unpacked all my bag and luckily just in time my snack came which was a vegan cake and ice tea. After gulping it down I decided the catch the sunset and take some pictures. I am SO glad I did this tonight as this was by far the most beautiful sunset of the trip! 

It goes dark very early in Indonesia around 6pm sp what do you do when the sun sets on a private island with nothing else around AND you are on a solo trip? Ermmm… Read, eat, moon and star watch is what I did. I went to sleep most nights around 9.30pm and woke around 5.30am which suited me perfectly as I am definitely more of a day than a night person. Out of nowhere I heard a huge thunder followed by a sharp flash of light and suddenly the heavens opened and the rain thrashed down on my wooden villa. I sat on my balcony with my kindle watching the rain return home into the ocean and I felt alive. Nature, earth, she gives so much to us and the rain, the sun, the thunderstorms they are all as beautiful as eachother.

Today the staff invited me to go island hopping and of course I agreed. I was the only person on the boat with the staff so I felt lucky to have the experience to myself. I grabbed a snorkel an goggles and headed off to the first island. I can’t remember the name but wow, ladened with hundred of birds that flocked when I went near, this island was beautiful. Super small with dusty white sands and crystal clear turquoise beaches. The lovely captain helped me get some pictures and I have to say he more than exceeded expectations for his photography skills!

We then headed to the next island where I have to say I wanted to cry. This island was much bigger with grass, sand, and rocks covering it. However, upon further inspection all, I could see what heaps of plastic! Even deserted islands in the middle of the oceans are full of plastic. It made me so emotional and I wish I could have picked up every single piece. What have we and continue to do to our planet is a disgrace. It’s time to take action and think seriously about our daily consumption of non-recyclable materials. Small steps from each of us can have a huge impact. I wanted to share simple steps that you can start and support in healing our Mother Earth. ➖use a reusable water bottle I use a @hydroflask ➖buy a coffee keep cup not only are they better for the earth they are way more stylish than a boring costa coffee one. I use @ecoffeecup➖reusable straws. I carry mine in my bag everywhere. I use @onda.straws ➖I have bamboo reusable travel cutlery so no more plastic knives and forks. ➖ shampoo bar. Way lighter and easier to travel with. I have mine from @thevegankind 
Plastic is full of toxins. It kills our beautiful innocent marine animals. It pollutes our oceans. 
Let’s all pull together to make a positive change. Love the earth that gives us SO much. I am not perfect but I feel so passionate about this. I hope you do too. 
I spent the rest of the trip snorkeling and chasing (in a kind way) the most beautiful array of fishes. They had some coral but it was all dead 🙁 

Today I tried diving and I have to say I wasn’t so sure. I could not get the hang of it and with my asthma, it was making me panic so after about 30 minutes I decided to stop and just grab the snorkeling kit again! The rest of the day was spent reading, eating tanning. There isn’t much more to do so this is perfect if you really need some time out from reality. 

The moon was out in full force tonight and for 20 minutes I lay on the wooden path in complete darkness and just looked up at the stars. Call me crazy but I felt their energy inside of me, as we are all connected. I felt sleep as I wandered back to my villa for a final nights rest knowing I had a big day ahead of me tomorrow. 
Special thanks to PuloCinta Eco Resort (@pulocinta) for the beautiful stay.

Love & light,





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