I arrived late Friday night after a grueling 2 flights over 28 hours with a layover in Istanbul for 8 hours we decided to venture out in to the city. Istanbul made me feel uneasy, it was crowded, busy and something felt a little off there. Anyhow with another 18 hours  to go We went for a beautiful Turkish hammam and then some delicious vegan food in the city.

I then flew to Kuala Lumpur then finally making it to Bali. My poor Ashley got her suitcase lost but luckily we got it back the next day. We stayed in Kuta one night at the lovely Radiant Spa hotel for £20 a night! So cheap and super lovely.  We then made our way up to our home for the month – Ubud. Our villa is literally so beautiful! We adore it here. I immediately I felt a good energy from Ubud. Easy going, Relaxed, smiles everywhere. Not to mention the place is heaving with organic vegan cafes.

Food at the beautiful Sayuri healing food

Vegan omelette and vegan big boy breakfast :p

I am in my element – seriously. Never seen a place like it before. Total foodie heaven. On Sunday we decided to venture down south to the surfer seaside town of Uluwatu which blew me away. So chilled and relaxed. We partied the night away at the cliff top beachy bar- Single Fin.

However… I woke up the next day with serious tummy pain and couldn’t stop being sick. I projectile vomited in the street (so sorry to Ash for having to witness that lol ) I felt horrific, I couldn’t carry anything or even walk for longer than a few seconds. Being this sick and thousands of miles away from home can throw you off guard. I felt emotional, weak and looked like a dam wreck. However, I woke up today and although not 100 percent, I feel somewhat normal. I feel grateful for my health. Without our health we truly have nothing. So my intention today as I and ash took to the mat for our first yoga class in our beautiful villa was Gratitude for my body. What it allows me to do on a daily basis! Setbacks like this in a new foreign environment can affect your mindset. However just trust that it will pass and you will come back round to your self again. Now I am SO ready to get to work in this beautiful place I get to call home every day. So far we have made our way around some delicious vegan cafes which I will do a separate post on but we are seriously spoilt for choice here. I am going to the rice paddies on Thursday which I am so excited for!

Love & light,